If you’re interested, this page will provide my net worth progression since I started calculating it back in March 2018. I started to read up about personal finances in 2017, but I didn’t start calculating everything from the get-go. It would have been interesting to see the progression, because I estimate that my net worth was around – $50,000 in early 2017! That’s an easy estimation, considering I had basically zero asset and close to $50,000 in debt (new car and student loans). It just goes to show that once we put our minds to it, we can accomplish anything. 🙂


Here’s some visual support to see the progression over time:

And now, here are the details by month and year, including variation.


MonthNet WorthDifference
March- $25,181NA
April- $20,017+ $5,164
May- $19,265+ $752
June- $18,292+ $973
July- $15,639+ $2,653
August- $14,110+ $1,529
September- $13,318+ $792
October- $12,520+ $798
November$30,219+ $42,739
December$30,271+ $52
Total:+ $55,452

No, I didn’t receive an inheritance in November 2018. What happened is that I left a job that offered a defined benefit pension plan, to which I had contributed for four years. When I left, I was asked if I would rather leave the money there, to be paid a defined benefit at the “normal” age of retirement, or if I preferred to take out the money and invest it myself. Guess what I picked? 😉


MonthNet WorthDifference
January$34,119+ $3,850
February$35,629+ $1,509
March$45,995+ $10,366
April$48,147+ $2,152
May$46,608- $1,540
June$47,431+ $823
July$47,474+ $43
August$54,042+ $6,568
September$49,358- $4,684
October$51,171+ $1,813
November$53,184+ $2,013
December$55,444+ $2,260
Total:+ $25,175

In 2019, there has been a good increase, despite an average savings rate of 27%. I’m aiming for a lot more now. 🙂

You may have noticed two months with a negative variation. This was not even due to the stock market bumps. In fact, I had lent money to someone at the time, who then paid it back over several months.


MonthNet WorthDifference
January$58,798+ $3,354
February$61,111+ $2,313
March$66,795+ $5,684
April$76,419+ $9,624
May$80,802+ $4,383
June$84,824+ $4,022
July$90,635+ $5,811
August$97,378+ $6,743
September$97,795+ $417
October$98,416+ $622
November$110,113+ $11,697
December$117,805+ $7,692
Total:+ $62,361

What a crazy year 2020 has been! A staggering 50% average savings rate and crazy returns from the stock markets brought my net worth to a whole new level. I more than doubled what I had at the end of 2019. I am so grateful for such great results!


MonthNet WorthDifference
January$121,118+ $3,313
February$126,086+ $4,968
March$135,518+ $9,432
April$138,137+ $2,619
May$140,463+ $2,326
June$150,437+ $9,974
July$156,320+ $5,883
August$166,518+ $10,198
September$158,233- $8,285
October$169,669+ $11,436
November$174,587+ $4,918
December$180,135+ $5,548
Total:+ $62,330

The historical returns have continued into 2021, which shows the snowball effect on my net worth! That’s not to mention a smashing 55% savings rate! The addition of cryptocurrencies to my portfolio has certainly added a hint of volatility, but nothing I can’t tolerate 😉


MonthNet WorthDifference
January$181,734+ $1,599
February$178,689- $3,045
March$191,352+ $12,663
April$182,113- $9,239
May$177,588- $4,525
June$198,994+ $21,406
July$213,209+ $14,215
August$210,960- $2,249
September$204,247- $6,713
October$213,109+ $8,832
November$226,634+ $13,525
December$223,154- $3,480
Total:+ $43,019

Stay tuned! 🙂



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