1. It’s fascinating how little capital gains taxes are. That’s why having all of your income come from capital gains is a smart move to take.

    Good luck on the withdrawal strategies! It seems mine is always changing and I’m not sure if I’ll ever stick to one long term over the years, haha.

    • Thank you for reading!

      I have to say I anticipate changing strategies here and there. However, it’s kind of comforting to have a general line of conduct in mind. There simply is no way to anticipate what life has in store for us. Just seeing how the markets swing every which way, any strategy will need to be reviewed every year.

      Considering how I like to crunch numbers and optimize things, I find that aspect of FIRE absolutely exciting. 🙂

  2. 😍😍 Thank you for mentioning my post! You and I are so similar in our money approaches: very little cash and very high tolerance for risk (aka volatility). I love it!

    This is a very solid withdrawal plan. You are doing really well and on a fast path to FIRE. Very impressive. Keep up the great work on your finances and the blog!

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